Lytton First Nation IR25 (Nickeyeah)

Background: Lytton First Nation is located in BC on 14,161 acres of land divided into 56 reserves. The reserves are located at the site of the Indian Village of Kumsheen, meaning, “where the rivers cross.” 

The Lytton First Nation is rich in natural resources. Water availability is perhaps one of the most significant natural resources available to the Nation. The Stein River water system meets the water needs of a large proportion of community members while other community wells provide water to other members. Natural spring waters are available in various areas.

Scope of Work: Here, our partnership focuses on upgrading the water system in Lytton First Nation IR25 (Nickeyeah), which includes improving water intake and treatment as well as the local reservoir. This work requires an understanding of the seasonal variability in source water quality while assessing the feasibility of various technologies for water treatment in the community using our new, state-of-the-art Mobile Water Treatment Pilot Plant (see below).

Progress/Updates: RES’EAU’s work focused on engaging band members and local water operators to understand the community’s challenges and determine needs for upgrading the local water system. This included improving water intake and treatment as well as the local reservoir. Project partners also included Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC), BI Pure Water, KWL and Lillooet Contracting.

A water sampling program was undertaken to assess water quality and determine seasonal variability. Potential technologies – including bag, cartridge and self-cleaning filters, ion exchange, activated carbon and UV systems – were then tested for three months using the network’s state-of-the-art Mobile Water Treatment Pilot Plant. Upgrades were made to the water intake, and the design and construction of a water treatment plant and water storage have been completed. Along the way, local operators were consulted to ensure the end goal was always top of mind.

Click the cover image below to open a PDF sumamry of the Lytton project to date. 

As part of our community engagement activities, we also worked with partners including Nlaka’pamux Nation Tribal Council/ShchEma-mee.tkt Project, Stein Valley Nlakapamux School, Lytton Elementary School and Hannah C/Reel Youth Productions to engage Lytton’s youth to learn about their local water situation, the Nickeyeah IR 25 Project and the broader RES’EAU program. After holding an information session and a one-day workshop for youths to learn about their local water situation, youth were given a tour of the local watershed and treatment plant to learn about the challenges of water management and sustainability. They then summarized their experience and learning by creating short videos about water in their community. Click the screen shot below to view one of videos. 


RES’EAU personnel and partners meet with community Elders in Lytton, BC.
Validating water treatment technologies tailored to the local needs of small, rural and First Nations communities (SRCs) has gone mobile thanks to a partnership between RES’EAU-WaterNET, UBC, the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies (PWSI), IC-IMPACTS , Trojan Technologies and BI Pure Water.
The Mobile Plant working on site in Lytton.
Partners celebrate the completion of Lytton's new water treatment plant at the BI Pure Water facility in Vancouver.
The new plant is lowered into place.
The interior of the new treatment plant.
A trust circle is held with community members and project partners to mark the completion of the plant installation.