Dzit'lain'li (Middle River) (Tl’azt’en First Nations)

Dzit'lain'li (Middle River) IR9 Water treatment Upgrade (partnerships with Tl’azt’en First Nations, Dzit'lain'li , ISC, FNHA, FNOWN BC&YT, WSP, BI Pure Water, Université Laval, Polytechnique Montréal and UBC) Status: 

2014-2017 - Pilot study evaluation and assessment of various treatment solutions, their operational pathway (O&M, support personnel, and community perspective) - Completed the feasibility study

2017-2018 Design and Development of the Treatment Solution

Fall 2018 - implementation and Commissioning 

December 2018 - Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration Ends 14-Year-Old Boil-Water Advisory


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  • An all too common occurance in small and First Nations communities in Canada.
    The Mobile Water Treatment Pilot Plant arrived in Middle River in October, 2015.