Source Water Quality Variation and Modeling

Principle Investigators: Prof. Azit Mazumder, University of Victoria; Prof. Manuel Rodriguez, Laval University;Prof. Rehan Sadiq, UBC; Prof. Charles Haynes, UBC.

  1. Develop robust tools to monitor and detect the types and concentrations of bacterial pathogens using state-of-the-art genomic approaches;
  2. Develop predictive and forecast models showing how climate variability affects water quality (pathogens, turbidity and chemicals) among highly variable regional climate scenarios in Canada;
  3. Assess how climate variability and associated changes in chemical and microbial water quality alters community vulnerability to waterborne pathogens;
  4. Assess how seasonally and inter-annually variable source water quality challenges the effectiveness of treatment and disinfection in different parts of Canada;
  5. Use our results to assist communities (operators and managers) to understand how climate variability will affect their water and how the communities could develop adaptation strategies.