Better Management of Source Water Quality: Improved technologies for rapid on-site detection of E. coli and for laboratory based source-water analysis and fecal source tracking

Principle Investigators: Prof. Charles Haynes, UBC; Prof. Fiona Brinkman, Simon Fraser University; Prof. Harry Brumer, UBC; Prof. Judith Isaac-Renton, UBC; Prof. Natalie Prystajecky, UBC; Prof. Brett Finlay, UBC.
  1. Define a reliable set of genetic-based indicators that together provide a dependable, holistic measure of water quality and the presence of major infectious agents;
  2. Create a robust, multiplexed platform for use in certified testing laboratories to accurately and reliably test for the presence of these indicators without need for culture-based enrichment;
  3. Create an inexpensive, user-friendly technology that can be used by at-site operators as a highly sensitive sentinel of E. coli contamination in a three-hour or faster time frame.