Van Anda Improvement District (VAID)

Our partner consortium here strives to identify, validate and implement sustainable technologies and processes that form a multi-barrier approach to the delivery of safe drinking water.

Evaluation of Various drinking Water treatment Solutions for Van Anda Improvement district (VAID) (partnerships with VAId, Vancouver coastal health, BI pure Water, University of guelph, Université laval and UBc)
Status: Feasibility and assessment were completed in 2017.

The Van Anda Improvement District (VAID) is a small community of 550 people located on Texada Island, one of the Gulf Islands off the coast of British Columbia. VAID’s drinking water is unique in that water from Priest Lake is high in dissolved organic carbon (organic material that results from the decomposition of plants and animals). While the district has set aside a capital reserve fund for a new water system, pilot testing the many potential new technologies would rapidly deplete the fund. 

Click the image below to view a short intro video about VAID and the challenges the community faces. 

Click the image below to hear perspectives from members of the community's Board of Trustees. 

Videos courtesy of David Sommer, a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of British Columbia.

Related: The photos below capture the delivery, installation and operation of RES'EAU-WaterNET's Mobile Water Treatment Pilot Plant in VAID during the late summer of 2015.