White Rock, BC

White Rock, BC

Background: White Rock, BC is a city of just over 18,000 people. As part of the Greater Vancouver Regional District, it lies on Semiahmoo Bay, surrounded by South Surrey on three sides. Until 2015, the city’s drinking water disinfection system was privately run by an Edmonton-based utilities company. Major upgrades to the system were required, and the Fraser Health Authority ordered that chlorination be increased in response to an E. coli outbreak in 2010. White Rock city council voted in mid-July to fund water infrastructure upgrades including two treatment plants capable of reducing naturally occurring manganese and arsenic in their source water. 

Scope of Work: The objectives of our piloting activities include the evaluation of several alternative treatment technologies, including technologies already available commercially such as GreenSandPlus, ozonation and membrane filtration. We will then pilot test the most promising technologies to evaluate their viabilities both in terms of performance and economics.  The pilot work will be conducted in close collaboration with the City engineers and involves RES’EAU’s industry partners who have extensive experience with groundwater treatment and quality.

Progress/Updates: The network’s Mobile Water Treatment Pilot Plant will be in White Rock for six months testing various combinations of technologies that will result in a sustainable and affordable system capable of removing natural and man-made contaminants from our groundwater sources. The mobile facilities allow for faster, accurate and more cost-effective assessment of potential technologies than traditional methods. The plant was installed at White Rock in late November, 2016. 

photo: Courtesty of the City of White Rock


Fraser Health Professionals touring the Pilot Plant, May 2017